Petrushevski: Alternativa and DS have left the coalition, the so-called DUI Fire group is next


Nothing drastic will change, the essence of the duo DUI – SDS was to increase the parliamentary majority and ensure convenience in passing laws”, stressed Brane Petrushevski, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE in a morning interview with the Leader radio.

The MP added that the government’s calculation, which it planned with the AA joining the Government, is not working out for them.

“That calculation they did at home didn’t work out for them, Alternativa with 3 MPs, Pavle Trajanov one MP, that’s already four, and there is also an announcement from Ogneni who are at least three MPs, and that’s already seven MPs who don’t support this Government. But there are also announcements for some more, we will see if they will be encouraged and leave the Government”, said Petrushevski.

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