Alternativa will vote for constitutional amendments if it is accepted that corruption crimes have no statute of limitations


The Alternativaparty leader AfrimGashi says that he is pessimistic that the process of constitutional amendments will be implemented this year. In an appearance on Alsat TV, he stated that he would support the constitutional amendments if their amendment to fight against corruption, which stipulates that these criminal acts do not have a statute of limitations, is accepted. According to him, the question why Alternativa is no longer part of the Government should be asked of the Prime Minister and the other coalition parties.

“We entered the Government at the end of 2021 with a published agreement and we remained faithful, and our entire political path in 2022 was oriented towards the realization of points from the agreement and in the end the Prime Minister decided to change direction and replaceAlternativa with another partner,” said Gashi.

Gashibelieves that Kovachevski and Ahmeti, in addition to the political suicide they committed, also killed the EU future of the country.

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