Macedonians and the Macedonian people will be represented as a minority in the Government, says Misajlovski


Currently, the two largest political parties in the Albanian bloc will become one Government. This means that the majority of Albanian representatives will enter the Kovachevski Government and I assume that all the problems that our fellow Albanians have will be solved. But previously Alternativa and BESA had their own ministers, but we can see that these Albanian parties that participated in the government changed their uniforms, pointed out the VMRO-DPMNE MP and vice-president of the party Vlado Misajlovski.
“Will the Macedonians and the Macedonian people be represented as a minority this time, that is, will there be apartheid, a Macedonian one? Most likely because more and more positions are being given to politicians from the Albanian bloc,” Misajlovski added.

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