Journalists tell politicians – “We can’t go on like this anymore!”


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) and Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) on Friday went on a protest march through which they expressed their dissatisfaction with the attacks on journalists and videographers, the insults and humiliations by politicians, the unfair competition, the unsafe conditions in which journalists, videographers and media workers work, the poor socio-economic situation.

“Laws important to the media are not implemented, public officials have an underestimating attitude towards journalists and cameramen. The State PR takes over the work of journalists, cameramen, photojournalists, the Government has created the largest newsroom. State institutions and their directors have a problem understanding that it is not transparency when you wait for days for an answer, and you receive a pamphlet for an announcement. Local and regional media are working on the brink of survival. The safety of journalists is not at the level we would like it to be,” said the AJM head Mladen Chadikovski.

“No one respects the reporter’s profession anymore, they underestimate and insult us, but we will not be silent anymore,” said the head of SSNM Pavle Belovski.



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