Health unions share final condition to the Government, if there are no salaries in on Monday, they stage a protest on Wednesday


The health workers’ revolt is culminating due to unpaid salaries. If there is no money in the accounts of all employees in the Clinical Centers and hospitals by Monday by 3 pm, on Wednesday the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical staff will go out in protest, regardless of whether they are paid on Tuesday.
“As we said, we will respect the promise of the Director of the Fund and we will wait for the salary to be paid until the end of working hours on Monday. If salaries are not paid, we will convene the Board and the Council of the Trade Union on Tuesday and probably arrange a protest on Wednesday, regardless of whether they transfer the salaries on Tuesday, the protest will take place on Wednesday,” said Dr. Goran Begovikj, president of the Independent Trade Union to the employees of the Clinical Centers.

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