Mickoski: Law does not rule in Macedonia, this is confirmed by the setback of the World Justice Project, these political frauds should come to an end


Why do Macedonian citizens have the feeling that the law does not rule in Macedonia, but rather the political elites of the DUI government supported by the SDSM?

We will get the answer to the question with a simple comparison of the rule of law index in 2015 and 2022, made by the World Justice Project (WJP).

What is the World Justice Project (WJP)?

Namely, the World Justice Project (WJP) is an international organization, part of civil society, very influential and aims to work on strengthening the rule of law in the world. As a result of the work of (WJP), the rule of law index is published once a year, which is a tool for quantitative analysis of the extent to which countries in the world adhere to the rule of law in practice.

In 2015, Macedonia was in 44th place (figure 1), and in 2022 it was in 63rd place (Figure 2).

There is no rule of law in Macedonia with this government. The government cannot solve problems, because this government is a problem.

We have a plan, we know how to restore the rule of law, not the rule of a few political crooks. Elections are needed in order for Macedonia to move forward, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in a Facebook post.

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