Prosecutor Bubevski: The number of people injured by Zhan Mitrev is increasing


Basic public prosecutor Gavril Bubevski said in an interview with Radio Free Europe that in the meantime the number of patients who want to testify against Zhan Mitrev and his clinic for the treatment with the hemofiltration method is increasing. Until now, the number of 283 patients who registered as injured persons was known.

“Yes, that case is certainly increasing and has increased in the meantime. However, at the moment, he had that number of injured persons for whom we had statements, that is, verbal material that indicated signs of a crime – fraud.

We will see now, the main thing that will happen is still in the courtroom. There, the arguments of both the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense will be confronted, and we will see how the Court will take a position regarding the fraudulent actions that the Prosecutor’s Office thinks it will prove,” said Bubevski.


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