Miteva: HIF director Ahmeti is on vacation in the USA, the state and its functioning always comes second


Although the system of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) has been down for two weeks, the insured cannot get any information, the doctors cannot get paid, however the director from the ranks of DUI, Faton Ahmeti, is on vacation in the USA, he is not at his workplace. The HIF has confirmed that he is on his annual leave, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva in a press conference on Thursday.

“Director Ahmeti uses annual leave because he is on a political visit, as a DUI staff, because his visit is not from the position of director, but personal, and the only benefit is his political upgrading. He himself confirmed this by disclosing that he is on a leadership visiting program, which is conducted for politicians, not for state officials”, added Miteva.

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