Due to the inability of the Interior Ministry and the institutions to deal with bomb threats, for 4 months someone is allowed to play with the destinies of our children, says Hristovski


Starting from 27.10.2022 until today, on almost 40 occasions, there have been reports of bombs in almost 500 locations, most of them in schools and even kindergartens, which is why we are helpless witnesses and victims of fear, panic and terror. But at the same time, they are also victims of bad governance with institutions that cannot deal with this problem, said the president of the VMRO-DPMNE Skopje City Committee Bojan Hristovski.

“We call on the Ministry of Education and Culture to urgently take action on a plan and protocol with functional measures and procedures for dealing with cases of false reports of bombs and other security threats in schools and other facilities. The state education system must not leave any child without adequate support, transportation and a safe location, after reports of bombs that seriously affect the psychophysical development of children,” said Hristovski.


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