Government freezes bread prices at MKD 33


At Tuesday’s session, the Government froze the price of white bread at MKD 33. A decision was also made to abolish the subsidized price of electricity for companies. The price of bread will be frozen until May 31 this year. With that, white and half-sliced ​​bread, cut into pieces or whole, of 450 grams will cost 33 MKD, and under 450 grams up to 33 MKD.

As Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said at a press conference, the decisions were made because the companies did not reduce the prices of basic products despite the anti-crisis measures.

“Market inspection checks showed that although they receive subsidized electricity, the prices did not decrease or decreased them insignificantly. I will not allow unjustified price increases. Therefore, at today’s session, we canceled this measure,” PM Kovachevski said.

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