Embassy translator Artan Grubi is nervous because his crime is being exposed – new evidence follows


Artan Grubi was “caught red-handed” for the scandal with the purchase of his brother’s office space in the center of Skopje at a bargain price. First Deputy Prime Minister Grubi is upset and nervous because he has been caught in a pure crime, so he puts pressure on the Public Prosecutor’s Office with all his might so that no investigation is launched for this case.

However, the institutions should be encouraged and investigate how it is possible to buy a business space of 127 square meters for only 100 thousand euros in the strict center of the capital. Or for 5 times lower price than the market price. VMRO-DPMNE asks if Grubi received a preferential price and what is the reason for this privilege for the first deputy prime minister for the business space that his brother bought.

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