Stamenkoska Trajkoska: It’s surprising how low Kovachevski can go


In the whole situation, the fact is that I felt offended too much and there is nothing that could change that feeling, but I was also offended by the lack of reaction of my colleagues from the government who are very vocal when it comes to women’s rights. The fact that Kovachevski served me badly makes me more courageous to continue to expose his crimes and the crimes of the government, VMRO-DPMNE MP Beti Stamenkoska-Trajkoska told Radio Leader, asked to comment on Kovachevski’s insults directed to her during a Parliament session.

The opposition MP pointed out that the silence is surprising, not only of the female deputies from the government, but also of many non-governmental organizations that know how to be loud in other cases. “I thought that Zaev was the bottom of non-culture and crime, and this, believe me, is surprising how low can Kovachevski go,”  said Stamenkoska-Trajkoska.

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