Pensions to go up by 7 percent as of March 2023


Pensions will be increased by 7% as of March, according to the new methodology that requires constant growth of pensions. In a year, pensions increased by 16%, and with the adjustment in March, pensions will be increased by over 20%.

In the past period, pensioners also received financial support, which as part of the anti-crisis measures, 330,000 pensioners received, that is, 1000 MKD each for the months of March, April and May, or a total of 3000 MKD.

Pensioners who have a pension of up to 11,525 MKD receive 1,500 MKD for 4 months, and those with pensions from 11,526 MKD to 14,000 MKD receive 750 MKD per month.

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