Andonovski: I don’t know anyone in Macedonia that can buy a hotel for 60,000 euros, except Grubi’s friends


I do not see the increased MP majority of 65, 64 or 62 MPs in any vote, and I think that even these days there will not be a quorum for work in the Parliament because this was an addition in the service of Artan Grubi, noted the VMRO- DPMNE secretary for international cooperation Stefan Andonovski.

According to Andonovski, the inclusion of the Alliance of Albanians party in the Government was not a function of the “European” reforms for the progress of Macedonia in the EU integration, but in the service of the small clique around the Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi from DUI and to protect the chair for the next ten months.

Andonovski indicated in an interview with TV21 that he does not expect more and that the only goal of the recent reconstruction of the Government is to enable the current officials to buy real estate cheaply.

“The interest of that clique is how to buy a cheap hotel on Popova Shapka. I don’t know who can buy a hotel for 60 thousand euros, I don’t know such a person in Macedonia except these friends of Artan Grubi who can buy a hotel for 50-60 thousand euros. So that was the essence of the change of the government”, stressed Andonovski.


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