Are the tender conditions for Corridors 8 and 10 changed precisely for EPTISA, by Kovachevski and Grubi?


Kovachevski and Grubi, seven days before the deadline for submission of bids from interested companies for carrying out the supervision weighing 22 million euros, extend the deadline from 17.10.2022 to 25.10.2022, for a whole 8 days, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Monday.

“This is not the only change, the condition requiring the bidder to submit a report on the balance sheet for 2019, 2020 and 2021, which should be positive and issued by a foreign reputable institution, has also been changed. With the amendment, “positive” is deleted and only balance sheets are required, which can also be negative, i.e. the company that will take the 22 million tender, for supervision, the government believes that it can be in loss for 3 financial years in a row. It is obvious that these changes were made in favor of the EPTISA company, which finally won the tender of 22 million euros, and which has been operating in the red for 3 years in a row,” said the largest opposition party.

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