Stojanoski: Elektra Solutions, part of the Consortium with EPTISA, gets a license for supervision in the middle of the tender submission procedure for the tender worth EUR 22 million


More and more indications say that the tender of 22 million euros was arranged by the government for the Consortium, which includes EPTISA, which was previously declared by the same government to have worked illegally, unethically and inappropriately, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski at a press briefing on Tuesday.
The latest documents that have reached us say that Elektra Solution, of 30-year-old Andon Ampov, which is an integral part of the Consortium that won the tender of 22 million euros, receives a license for supervision during the selection procedure for the supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10d.
“This is the License that the Ministry of Transport and Communications issues to Elektra Solutions on 03.10.2022, which is 3 weeks after the public call for the selection of supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10d was announced. This document states that in the period when the public call was announced, Electra Solution did not have a license for supervision and it received the same license only 2 weeks before the expiration of the initial deadline for submitting the offers, which was on 17.10.2022, a deadline that was on 10.10. 2022 has been extended for another 8 days,” said Stojanoski.

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