Government approves the agreement for Corridor 8 and 10-D


At the proposal of the Committee for Negotiations for the Construction of Corridor 8 and 10D, headed by the First Vice-President of the Government, Artan Grubi, the Macedonian Government approved the contract for the construction of Corridor 8 and 10D. The approval of the contract for the construction of Corridor 8 and 10D comes after four weeks of negotiations between the Government’s financial transaction consultant, IRD, and the international consortium Bechtel Enka.
“Today is a great day in the Management Committee and in the Government, where we reviewed the Report of our consultant on the negotiations with the Bechtel Enka consortium for the construction of Corridor 8 and 10-D, as well as the approval of the content and the signing of the contract”, said Grubi.
Corridor 8 is 68 kilometers long, with a six-lane highway, from Tetovo to Gostivar, Kichevo, through Struga to Kafasan, while Corridor 10-D from Prilep to Bitola is 40 kilometers long and has six lanes, for a period of 3 years from the beginning of construction.

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