Stoilkovski: Hundreds of unsolved murders have happened with Spasovski as the head of the police for eight years


While Spasovski was the head of the police for eight years, a hundred unsolved murders took place. What else should happen if Spasovski resigns, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski, asked whether the double murder in the Skopje bazaar has a political connotation and what is the connection with the wings of the criminalized DUI and SDS.
According to Stoilkovski, the nineties are back, with Kovachevski as Prime Minister, Grubi as Deputy Prime Minister and Spasovski as the head of the police, murders are happening throughout the cities, passports are being distributed to criminals, and drug traffickers are sitting next to the top officials of the Government.
“There is no bread, expensive gasoline, inflation and many murders.That is the rule of Grubi, Kovacevski and Spasovski,” Stoilkovski said.

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