Spasovski’s police don’t prosecute drug cartels, that’s why murders happen while he’s busy doing statistical gymnastics, claims opposition


The SDS and DUI rule allowed the drug mafia to rule the streets. Structures in the Spasovski police became their protector. The raids were leaked, and the persons who were eventually discovered were promptly released, VMRO-DPMNE pointed out on Wednesday.

“The consequence of this increase in crime is murders like the one that happened the day before yesterday. Such gangster clashes of clans have become commonplace. The safety of citizens is in question. In a country where the mafia is in coalition with the government, every person’s life is at risk. What else needs to happen for Oliver Spasovski to resign? His statistical gymnastics are no longer acceptable even in the SDS headquarters,” said the largest opposition party.

“It’s simple, if the police don’t prosecute criminals, crime will decrease on paper, but in reality the gangs will rule the country” added VMRO-DPMNE.


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