Another company from the consortium IRD-Eptisa-Electra Solutions has a suspicious background, says opposition


Despite the scandals with the company Eptisa, for which the tender procedure was changed, the deadline was extended by the government for the tender for the supervision of the construction of the highways on corridor 8 and corridor 10D, another company in the consortium has a suspicious background, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Sunday.
Euro Consulting, which is part of the IRD-Eptisa-Electra Solutions consortium, has been owned by Branimir Dimitrijevic since its foundation until today.
That same Dimitrijevic is accused in Armenia of crimes during the supervision of the development and implementation of the North-South Corridor project in Armenia. He committed fraud worth 1.8 million dollars.
Euro Consulting, together with the other 3 companies, won the tender for the supervision of the construction of the highways from Corridor 8 and 10D, the same work for which Dimitrjevic was prosecuted for fraud in another country. Branimir Dimitrijevic, with the help of three Macedonian diplomats, fled Armenia on a private plane, in 2019 at a time when SDS and DUI are in power.

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