Country collected EUR 53.2 million from tolls in 2022


At the toll stations in the country last year, there was turnover in the amount of 3,274,387,335 denars (53,242,070 euros), the Public Enterprise for State Roads (JPD) told the media. Last year’s revenues are 6.6 million euros more than those in 2021. On the new toll roads opened on July 18 last year, Preod and Kadrifakovo, on the road direction Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip, 85,599,333, i.e. 72,861,770 denars, were collected.

The “most profitable” is the Romanovce toll, where, according to the data, the turnover adds up to MKD 400,174,788.00. MKD 266,361,767 were collected in Miladinovci, Glumovo MKD 258.299.622, Gradsko MKD 248.125.247, Zhelino MKD 244.476.653, Gevgelija MKD 236.866.875, Petrovec MKD 205.967.358, Tetovo MKD 201.158.821, Sopot MKD 195.984.192, Demir Kapija MKD 172,813,622 and Gostivar MKD 164,536,337.



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