Past few years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are divided into two periods – massive employment of party staff and their massive promotion with abuse of discretion, says Dabikj


At today’s panel discussion on the topic “The Alarming Situations in Macedonian Diplomacy”, the ambassador and leader of the Macedonian Diplomatic Union Zoran Dabikj spoke about the scheme according to which individuals are promoted in the MFA without any legal basis and how they, as a union, are deal with this negative phenomenon.

Dabikj stressed that the last 7-8 years could be divided into two periods, that is, that in the first period massive employment of party staff was carried out, and in the second period the same staff were promoted.

“In the past, we had several national coordinators for certain areas, but now there are several dozen positions of national coordinators that are probably used primarily for promotion,” said Dabikj.


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