Opposition believes that Defense Minister should resign due to mental condition


The report on the mental state of the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska is the basis for revoking her security certificate, and the question is whether she is able to lead the Ministry of Defense, opposition party VMRO-DPNE said in a press release on Thursday.
“Slavjanka Petrovska brought herself into a situation where her ability to lead the Ministry of Defense was questioned. The report on Petrovska’s mental state, which speaks of her obsession, inhibition and the treatment with sedatives, which, by the way, she ordered herself, if completely true, should result in her resignation and the revocation of her security clearance. If, on the other hand, Slavjanka Petrovska exerted influence using her position on the specialist doctor to write a Report that exaggerates her symptoms, just to receive damages in court, she should resign for moral reasons,” said the opposition party.

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