Another family accuses of medical negligence


A family from Tetovo accused that their member died yesterday evening in the Tetovo hospital, because he did not receive proper help from the medical staff.

The patient was a sixty-year-old man from the village of Pirok, whom the family said died on Friday evening after being brought to the hospital.

“We waited downstairs for an hour, we asked for help, no one came out to help us. The family member fell into a coma one hour prior, we were waiting downstairs, not a single doctor came out to help us, after a while he died due to the doctors’ delay of over half an hour,” said one of the family members.

This case comes less than a week after the death of a six-year-old girl without symptoms of a previous serious illness in the Bitola Clinic Hospital, for which an investigation has been lunched after the girl’s parents claimed that it was a case of medical negligence of the young patient.

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