Another one of Mijalkov’s cases reaches statute of limitations – “Titanic 2”


Sasho Mijalkov’s case “Titanic 2” has reached the statute of limitations because exactly ten years have passed since the day he was accused of committing the crime related to electoral irregularities in the 2013 local elections.

This case is before the appellate judges, who will not make a decision until next week. For Mijalkov, now they can only state that the crime is time-barred and he will not face any possible punishment, and the Appeal can only decide for Menduh Tachi, Vlatko Sajkovski, Aneta Stefanova, Bedredin Ibraimi and Sasho Srcev – the five other defendants in the case, who together with the ex-director of UBK, they received a verdict in the Criminal Court twice.

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