Appellate Court confirms sentence for former Supreme Court head Vangelovski


The Skopje Appellate Court confirmed the suspended sentence to which the former president of the Supreme Court Jovo Vangelovski was sentenced. This was confirmed by the second instance court. The appeals of the Prosecutor’s Office for a higher sentence, as well as the appeals for serious injuries committed in the procedure and the request for an acquittal from Vangelovski, were rejected. He was responsible for the committed act of abuse of official position and authority.

“The first-instance verdict s been confirmed. The first instance was a suspended sentence,” pointed out the Appellate Court.

Vangelovski was prosecuted because, as president of the Supreme Court, he made individual decisions for all judges of this court, with which he determined the salary supplement for November in the amount of 35% of the basic salary, which in accordance with the law is due to them for special working conditions, existence of high risk and reliability.

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