Criticism after Levica’s visit to Enver Hoxha’s resting place, citizens ask when the party will visit the graves of other communist dictators


A delegation of the opposition party Levica paid respects to the grave of the Albanian statesman Enver Hoxha on Tuesday in Tirana, after which harsh criticism followed on social media. Citizens comment that Levica no longer hides the fact that they are a totalitarian party that wants to abolish democracy, because they paid tribute to Hoxha, one of the cruelest dictators of the twentieth century.

“Hoxha is the founder of the modern Albanian state and the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Albania (later renamed the Labor Party), which was founded with Yugoslav and Soviet support. This French student became a symbol of the anti-fascist resistance of our neighbors against the Italian occupation. Under his four-decade rule, the Republic of Albania, which was left in ruins after the monarchy was abolished, took steps to build new foundations,” Levica reported.


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