New scandalous details about the disputed agreement for Corridor 8 – even if the Government passes the laws on working hours, it will still pay EUR 53 million in damages


The VMRO DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski announced new scandalous details about the disputed agreement for Corridor 8.

“After the Government confirmed my allegations that if the 60-hour work week is not introduced, Macedonia will pay huge penalties or “additional performance costs” as the government calls them, I would like to share the document that lists the penalties/costs that will they pay all citizens: – minimum 53 million euros one time – 2 165 000 euros every month! According to the agreement, Macedonia will pay this money if the law for a 60-hour work week is not passed within 45 DAYS after signing the agreement with Bechtel and Enka! It also says that, even if the Law is passed, after these 45 days the sum of 53 million euros WILL BE PAID!” NIkoloski said in a Facebook post.



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