Xhaferi’s son’s company is on the list of canceled debts by MEPSO


The company UPOWER DOO export-import Skopje, owned by the son of DUI official Musa Xhaferi, is one of the 14 companies on the list of MEPSO, which were allowed to pay the debt in installments. Later, it was determined by the management that that debt is difficult to collect and a lawsuit was filed for it.

The reprogramming of the debt of the company of Musa Xhaferi’s son takes place at a time when the management of MEPSO is headed by Kushtrim Ramadani, a DUI staff.

“In the previous work of MEPSO, this is the first case of approving the reprogramming of a debtor’s debt, although there have been such requests from debtors in the past,” said the Levica party.



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