Court rules eight-day detention for anesthesiologist from the Tetovo hospital


At the proposal of the Prosecutor’s Office by a judge of a preliminary procedure from the Tetovo Basic Court, a detention measure of eight days was determined for the 43-year-old Tetovo doctor – anesthesiologist, who filmed and broadcast patients and medical staff live on social media.
The determination of the measure comes after the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tetovo initiated proceedings against the accused for crimes of “negligent work in the service” as well as “unauthorized recording” according to Article 152 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code.
”On April 15, 2023, a judge of a preliminary procedure from the Tetovo Basic Court ordered V.D. (43) from Odri, Tetovo, to eight days of detention and he will be held in the Skopje Prison to serve the detention,” informed the Tetovo Police Department.

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