Historians demand reintroducing VI grade History and a moratorium on the concept, harmful consequences are being inflicted on the Macedonian education system


The Association of Historians of the Republic of N. Macedonia reacted Monday with a statement due to the absence of History in the curricula for the 6th grade, and demands a moratorium on the Concept for Basic Education.
“As the Association of Historians of the Republic of N. Macedonia, whose more than seven decades of activity is aimed, among other things, at the development of Macedonian historiography and the improvement of the quality of teaching in Macedonian history, we remind you that many times and in several forms, we have publicly warned about the negative implications of the extremely hastily adopted a concept of basic education, which was completely rejected by all relevant scientific and higher education institutions,” reads the association’s press release.
The association points out the harmful consequences of the further implementation of the Conception in relation to the teaching of history, and stands up for the protection of fellow teachers, whose jobs are in question due to the reduction in the number of history lessons, which, as they point out, is caused by from the thoughtless newly conceived curricula and programs, which ultimately revises the content of Macedonian history.

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