Government has made commitments to Bechtel and Enka worth hundreds of millions of euros, and construction hasn’t even started yet


Based on obligations that are due from the contract itself and damages due from the contract itself, we arrive at a figure of around 230 to 250 million euros as of April 30, and more than seven billion and 200 million denars have already been paid, this is due somewhere around 117 million euros, on Wednesday and still no nail has been driven. No one has seen anything yet, until this moment it is happening, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, when asked by the media about the extent of the state’s obligations to Bechtel and Enka, hired to build Corridors 8 and 10D.

According to Mickoski, this stems from the fact that now, according to the obligations arising from the contract itself, but also the damages that the country has to pay due to the fact that the working week is still 40 working hours and not 60 according to the labor law, and the labor law is like that because the Constitutional Court said that it is unconstitutional for the working week to be 60 hours and not 40 hours.

“And if we add to that the obligations arising from the contract for supervision and supervision, where we have a company that produces underwear, and should supervise such a capital project, then we will reach, believe it or not, the number of close to half a billion euros, which up to this point, until today, have been taken as commitments, and no nail has been nailed in”, said Mickoski.

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