SSM to hold Labor Day protest: Let’s be loud in the face of injustice


The Federation of Trade Unions (SSM) is to organize a Labor Day protest on May 1st under the motto “The Workers are the State”. The protest was announced at 12 pm in front of the SSM building, and is being organized because of the injustices towards the workers.

“We believe that the increase in officials’ salaries by 78% or 2,000 denars per day, the introduction of a 12-hour working day for a large number of workers, the fact that they lied to the healthcare workers and did not increase their salaries, the fact that they did not conclude the general collective agreement for a public sector with which every employee will have the right to K-15, are sufficient motive and more than a reason to go out to protest in the street and express dissatisfaction”, said the SSM.



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