Adzioski: Government has not finished the Kichevo-Ohrid highway in six years, and now it is working on new ones


A team led by VMRO-DPMNE MP Mirce Adzioski visited the region of Ohrid as part of the campaign whose goal is to maintain active communication with the citizens and present the party’s plans for achieving a better living standard.

The MP pointed out that the citizens’ dissatisfaction with the central government can be seen from the contacts with the citizens, with Ohrid and the entire region of Lake Ohrid, as a Macedonian tourist center, being the most affected.

Adzioski said that SDSM and DUI have already been in power for six years, and the construction of the 57-kilometer Kichevo-Ohrid highway is still ongoing, so now the government is engaged in a new highway section, for which criminal deals are coming to the surface daily.

“The Kichevo-Ohrid highway, six years after they came to power, we see that there is no realization of it and the question is whether this highway will be finished, for which 600 million euros were spent. And, in addition to this, the new highway project, which has not yet started, got stuck in crime and corruption,” said Adzioski.



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