Miloshoski: Citizens are dissatisfied, everyone wants a change of government so that Macedonia can move in the right direction


A team led by the VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonijo Miloshoski, as part of the “Macedonia for all people” campaign, visited several settlements in the municipality of Konche, where they discussed the problems and needs faced by the residents of this municipality.

“Together with the MPs, the mayor, the advisors, we are discussing the problems and needs that the residents of this municipality face,” said Miloshoski.

The opposition MP added that the citizens were dissatisfied with the low priority that the government gives to agriculture.

“This is an agricultural area, but the farmers here face a lot of expenses, little attention from the government and little income because of the chaos that reigns. We also discussed the weak priorities that the government gives for small municipalities, which unfortunately have obstructions from the government authorities,” said Miloshoski.


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