SSM: Officials raised their salaries by 78 percent, and they convince us that MKD 2,000 a year is enough for us


The increase of almost 80 percent in the salaries of politicians and officials and the planned 60 hours a week for the construction of corridors 8 and 10d were the focus of trade union addresses at this year’s May 1st protest organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), which demanded a dignified salary and fair conditions for all.

The membership protest, supported by citizens, started in front of the SSM headquarters, continued to the Parliament and ended in front of the Government. The protesters told MPs and the executive power that “Increasing government officials’ salaries by 78 percent or 2,000 denars per day; introducing a 12-hour working day for a large number of workers; lying to health workers they would increase their salaries; under the slogan “Workers Are the Country”.


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