Examination Center employees still on strike – they demand the MES to change the dates for taking the matriculation exam


The union of the State Examination Center (SEC) had two unsuccessful meetings, for which the offer from the Ministry of Finance for about a thousand denars increased salary for the employees was unacceptable.

The Examination Center employees continue their strike and today they asked the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) to change the calendar for taking the state matriculation exam because they will not have time to finish their duties until May 27, when the testing is after the first exam.

The president of the trade union organization of the Examination Center, EmilijaBoshkovska, stated at a press conference that it is impossible and impracticable to achieve the dates for the graduation (May 27 and June 10), and their request to the Ministry of Education and Culture to change the calendar would automatically mean prolonging the results from the test.

All 29 employees are included in the union. They rejected the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to find the solution in the Law on Administrative Officers because in that way they would only get a one thousand denar salary increase. The salary of 11 of the total number of employees is about MKD 20,100, and the councilors geta MKD 26 thousandsalary.

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