Professors suggest mandatory drug test of high school students and ninth graders


Mandatory drug test for high school students and ninth graders, control of weapons owned by citizens, analysis of punishments for perpetrators of violence and control of internet providers are among the measures presented today by Professor MarjanGjurovski as part of the proposals to increase of safety in schools.

Gjurovski, along with a team of professors from the Faculty of Philosophy, is implementing the scientific research project “Safety in schools – building risk prevention and early warning mechanisms”, with which, as the professor stressed, “Cyril and Methodius” University is adding to the practice of building early warning mechanisms for violence, especially after the mass killings in Serbia.

Gjurovski says that in cooperation with the Education Development Bureau, there is a proposal to consider the possibility of developing a subject program in the area of ​​safety culture in primary, secondary and higher education, which would include dealing with natural disasters, cyber-security, but also with violence.

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