Micevski: VMRO-DPMNE accepts a single electoral unit


A single electoral unit is acceptable for VMRO-DPMNE, MP group coordinator Nikola Micevskisaid on Monday. In an interview with Republika.mk, which will be released on Tuesday, Micevski claims that DUI and their smaller coalition partner SDSM are currently holding back the change in the electoral legislation.

“We exposed a lie from the past period. During ZoranZaev’s rule, we were accused of being against a single electoral unit. We have given support to one electoral unit although we do not participate in the working group for naming the electoral legislation. At the moment, the biggest brakemen are the big ruling parties DUI and their smaller coalition partner SDSM,” said Micevski.

MPs from smaller parties say that theyalso in favor of a single electoral unit without an electoral threshold, while DUI from the ruling coalition wants a threshold of 5 percent.

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