Almost 9,900 people work in over-indebted public enterprises


There are 155 public enterprises in the country and most of them, 113, are for communal activities. It is they who have the largest number of employees – almost 9,900, reports Some of the PEs with a large number of employees report high amounts of debts and losses at the same time.

17,240 people are employed in them, and the majority of employees are absorbed by the public utility companies. According to the Public Sector Register, in 2022, compared to 2021, the number of employees in all PEs decreased by 906.

A large number of public enterprises at the municipal level are on the debtors’ list, with due and unpaid obligations, and the highest listed are: Ministry of Infrastructure, PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje, PE Water Supply Kumanovo, PE Water Supply Ohrid, PE MRT, PE Streets and Roads, PE Komunalec Struga, etc.


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