Kovachevski: The country marks the Day of Victory over Fascism


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, on behalf of the Government and himself, extended his congratulations on May 9, Victory over Fascism Day and Europe Day, said the Government in a press release Tuesday.

“We bow down to the fighters who laid down their lives to defeat fascism, from whose ruins the Macedonian statehood was created. We also pay our respects to all those who contributed to the great European idea and the creation of the European Union. Our country has always been on the right side of history through its action. It was present in the battlefields of the Second World War, among the progressive, antifascist forces. And today too, it stands side by side with NATO and the EU member states in defense of peace. We are on a path to progress – our legacy from the partisans, our Macedonian language is fully recognized among the European languages, and as a successful model of a multiethnic state, a home to all citizens, North Macedonia’s place is within the EU,” said the prime minister.


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