VIDEO| Iotova hands Bulgarian passport to Pendikov: You are under our protection as of today!


Starting from today you are under the protection of Bulgaria and a citizen of the European Union, said the Bulgarian Vice President, Iliana Iotova, who personally handed over the documents to Hristijan Pendikov, former general secretary of the defunct Bulgarian club with the controversial name “Tsar Boris III”. The ceremony was broadcast live on Facebook, via the profile of the Bulgarian National Radio, and was held with the highest honors.

While the public evaluated the event as Iotova’s PR, Pendikov did not miss the opportunity to make new accusations against the Macedonian authorities.

“There are still many Macedonian Bulgarians in N. Macedonia who fight daily for our cause and ideology. They suffer daily pressure from the local authorities,” said Pendikov, and thanked all the authorities in Bulgaria who care for his safety and well-being.

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