Skopje preschool paid EUR 4,000 for a washing machine, principal made two other unplanned purchases


The “Detska radost” preschool in Skopje’s Autokomanda, whose principal was fired due to illegal work, bought 3 washing machines in an unplanned public procurement for which she paid more than 15,000 euros or almost 4,000 euros per machine, reports.

According to the news website, this and several other public procurements made in the preschool were not part of the procurement plan for last year.

The purchase of the washing machines cost the preschool a total of 938,100 MKD (15,228 EUR) including VAT.

In addition to this contract, contracts for services for horticultural landscaping of green areas worth 500,000 MKD were concluded, as well as a contract for the purchase of kitchen equipment in the amount of 179,124 MKD.

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