European Commission shows skepticism about the realization of the Government’s capital projects


In addition to the low estimate for growth in 2023 of 2.0% and in 2024 of 3.1%, as well as the forecast for maintaining high inflation of 7.9% in 2023, in the European Economic Forecast issued on Tuesday by the European Commission in the section for N. Macedonia reads:

“In 2023, 70% more capital expenditures are projected compared to those realized in 2022, although the implementation will probably remain partial,” says VMRO-DPMNE and adds:

“Furthermore, in the section on risks, it is stated that “…growth prospects could be hindered if the Government’s ambitious investment agenda faces significant obstacles due to persistent shortcomings in the management of public investments”.

“This clearly indicates that neither the European Commission has confidence in the capacity of this Government for investments and high realization of capital expenditures,” said the largest opposition party.


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