Instead of new registration plates, a sticker with the mark NMK will do, says Government


At a meeting on Tuesday, the Macedonian Government reviewed and adopted the Information regarding the need to put stickers with the “NMK” mark on the vehicle’s registration plates, proposed by the Ministry of the Interior.

By placing a sticker on the registration plates, according to the information from the Ministry of the Interior, the obligation to mark the new code of the Republic of North Macedonia on the registration plates of the vehicles is fully respected, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the financial expenses for this solution are almost incomparable with the amount required to replace the registration plates with new registration plates.

In this direction, it is planned to put stickers with the “NMK” mark on vehicles that have plates with the “MK” mark, which will avoid additional financial costs, for issuing more new documents/licenses/certificates, which are related to the number on registration plate.

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