Mizrahi: The amendments to the Law on Labor Relations violate the Constitution


We are elected by the people, voted by the people, to defend the interests of the people in a concept called democracy, not totalitarianism, not elitism, in accordance with the social contract shown through the Constitution and the laws of this country, said MP from the ranks of VMRO- DPMNE Rashela Mizrahi at the Parliament session regarding the legal amendments due to the construction of corridors 8 and 10-d on Thursday.
The opposition MP pointed out that voting on the amendments to this set of laws “directly and unconditionally” violates the country’s Constitution.
“In this case, a set of laws will be voted to guarantee the security of the Government by the citizens themselves, and the strength of the arguments will not be greater than the strength of the authority, and those who speak the loudest about bullying perfectly implement it on both the opposition and the people. This set of laws directly and unconditionally violates Article 51 of the Constitution,” said Mizrahi.

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