Kovachki: After the change of Government, VMRO-DPMNE will find a way and a solution to compensate the 2001 defenders


Although 22 years have passed since the events in 2001, we still have at least 17 families of fallen soldiers who have not been compensated and there are somewhere around 30 war veterans who have also not been compensated, and we proposed amendments and additions to the law, said the MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovachki in an interview with Alfa TV.
He pointed out that the Government rejected their proposed law for the fighters of the regular and reserve security forces during the clashes with the Albanian rebels in 2001 and did not want to discuss the issue at all.
“It is not right what is happening to the families, the state must find a way to solve it by compensating the defenders because those people went to war not because they wanted to, but because the state sent them,” said Kovachki.
“We must find a way to compensate those people and we will compensate them. We really want to compensate those people and we will not force politics on it. When we do that, we will not politicize it,” Kovachki stressed.

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