Not a single import shipment of tomatoes has tested positive for pesticides, claims AHV


The Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV) strongly denies the views expressed at the press conference by Cvetan Tripunovski from the ranks of opposition VMRO DPMNE, at which he accuses the competent state authorities of allowing the import of unsafe vegetables with concentrations of pesticides above the maximum allowed concentrations. The documents presented by Tripunovski are not a secret, on the contrary, they are just another confirmation that the state is doing its job, that is, that the controls are implemented.
“As before, until laboratory findings confirm safety, shipments of food, including vegetables, are placed under official surveillance. They must not and are not put into circulation before a satisfactory result is obtained for them. In case of receiving an unsatisfactory result, the shipment is canceled, or it is ordered to be returned to the country of origin,” said the AHV.

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