Toxic vegetables imported from Albania, Nikolovski and Babovski to resign, PPO to open an investigation, says opposition


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Water of the Republic of Macedonia and Ljupcho Nikolovski, instead of worrying about what kind of food the citizens eat, allow the import of vegetables with a higher level of pesticides than allowed, said head of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry & Water Management Cvetan Tripunovski on Monday.
“I received documents from analyzes of the State Phytosanitary Laboratory during the import of vegetables to Macedonia from Albania, which show the presence of pesticides more than allowed.
“These are documents from the Ministry of Health, from the State Phytosanitary Laboratory, with a document and seal of the institution registered with number 10802-409/2 and 10802-372/2, from which it is clearly seen that the State Phytosanitary Laboratory performed an analysis of imported cruciferous vegetables and tomatoes to determine of the presence of pesticides. The finding of the analysis establishes the presence of pesticides above the permissible limit. This is the evidence,” says Tripunovski.

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