Macedonia is becoming a country without youth and children’s chatter, says Gjorchev


In the past 7 years, with the policies of Tache Kovacevski, Stevo Pendarovski and Zoran Zaev, Macedonia has become the country with the largest demographic decline in the world. The drop from 2016, first quarter, to the first quarter of this year in births is a staggering 40%, 40% fewer babies born. There is no country in the world with such a terrible decline, VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee member Vladimir Gjorchev said at a press conference on Friday.
Gjorchev points out that this means that Macedonia is experiencing an exodus, emigration and departure.
“This means that with these 40% fewer babies born in Macedonia, we will have empty classrooms, empty schools, teachers who will not have enough classes. That means we will have empty streets and empty towns and villages. 100 classes less, 1 kilometer of empty classrooms in which there is not a single child, only empty desks and empty chairs,” said Gjorchev.

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